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Long Miles Coffee Project, Ninga 1 - Burundi

Long Miles Coffee Project, Ninga 1 - Burundi

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This is our second year featuring coffee from Long Miles Coffee Project. This offering is comprised of coffees from farmers on Ninga Hill (”Hill” is the smallest geopolitical unit in Burundi), and was processed at Bukeye Washing Station.  The freshly-harvested cherries are floated and hand-sorted for ripeness, then undergo a single dry fermentation process. It is then rinsed in fresh water (from the granite-filtered well), graded by density and left to soak for another 4-6 hours in the final rinse tank.  It is finally dried on raised beds for 16-20 days, to a moisture of 10.5%.

Producer Long Miles Coffee Project
Origin Muramvya Province, Burundi
Varietal Bourbon
Process Washed
Altitude  1800-2000 masl
Roast Light
Notes Yellow Plum, Red Currant

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