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Jairo Arcila Lychee - Colombia

Jairo Arcila Lychee - Colombia

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Jairo is a third-generation coffee farmer, and has worked diligently over his career to grow from his first farm, La Esmeralda, to the six farms now under his purview.  His sons, Carlos and Felipe, have also ventured into the buisiness - founding Cofinet, the exporting company that connected us with this coffee - a Castillo from Jairo’s farm, Finca Santa Monica.  It underwent a 72-hour dry anaerobic fermentation, during which it was introduced to wine yeast and Lychee fruit.  It was then de-pulped and dried on raised beds to the desired moisture. 

Producer Jairo Arcila
Origin Quindio, Colombia


Process Lychee Co-Fermentation
Altitude 1450-1500 masl
Roast Light
Notes Lychee, Key Lime, Boozy
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