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Wush Wush #2 - Ethiopia

Wush Wush #2 - Ethiopia

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Taking its name from the producing region in western Ethiopia where it was first discovered, this exotic varietal has won over the likes of man with its impressive clarity and delicate fruit.  Though it has since found its way to other producing regions and countries, this particular selection comes to us from the birthplace (or a stone's throw).  Dinkalem Ademe's washing station services 2500 smallholders (often referred to as "Garden Farmers," as the coffee they harvest typically grows naturally in the garden areas surrounding their homes).

In the cup you'll find a creaminess, buttressing gentle citrus and sweet melon.  

Producer Dinkalem Ademe
Origin Ginbo, Keffa, Ethiopia


Wush Wush
Process Washed
Altitude 1850-1950 masl
Roast Light
Notes Yuzu, Honeydew, Floral
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