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Pura Fruta Espresso - Guatemala

Pura Fruta Espresso - Guatemala

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Founded in 1977 by Samuel Coto Escobar, Finca El Platanillo has always been predicated upon finding the balance between cup quality and sustainability.  The farm has been Rainforest Alliance Certified since 2005, was awarded the SCA Sustainability Award in 2017 and placed 10th at the 2020 Cup of Excellence.  “Pura Fruta” is a blend of 3 different varietals, all of which were harvested and dried individually - according to optimal respective brix readings. The cumulative result is an espresso that is velvety in body and teeming with juicy fruit.

Producer Samuel Cato
Origin San Marcos, Guatemala
Varietal Bourbon, San Roque, Java
Process Natural
Altitude  1100-1450 masl
Roast Medium Espresso
Notes Pomegranate, Strawberry, Amaretto

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