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Hamasho – Ethiopia

Hamasho – Ethiopia

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Hamasho Washing Station is located in Bensa, Sidama - at the foot of the Bombe Mountains.  Owned/operated by COE-decorated exporter, Daye Bensa, the station serves 1500 surrounding producers.  This particular coffee was grown at a staggeringly-high elevation, which translates to high bean density (i.e. superior quality).  The cherries were sorted/floated for ripeness and defects, then dried on raised beds for 14-18 days.  The resulting cup is incredibly fruit-forward, presenting rich berry and juicy citrus.

Producer Hamasho Washing Station
Origin Bensa, Sidama, Ethiopia


Process Natural
Altitude 2300 masl
Roast Light
Notes Boysenberry, Nectarine, Clementine
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