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Felipe Luzon - Ecuador

Felipe Luzon - Ecuador

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Having planted his first coffee trees at age 8 and harvested his first cherries at 12, Felipe is now a part of Recambio Generacional - a project directed at incentivizing young producers in the region.  His farm, Finca Los Eucaliptos, comprises six hectares and is located amidst the lush vegetation of the Amazon Basin.  Of his 18,000 trees, 14,000 are Mejorado - a still-relatively-rare varietal that is often misnamed "Typica Mejorado;" while its exact genetics are still somewhat in question, it is decidedly not a descendant of Typica, but rather likely a hybrid of Bourbon and Ethiopian Landrace.

Producer Felipe Luzon
Origin Zamora Chinchipe, Ecuador


Process Washed
Altitude 1650 masl
Roast Light
Notes Stone Fruit, Mandarin Orange, Toffee
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