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Crema Bomb – Brazil

Crema Bomb – Brazil

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A rich and nutty classic coffee, roasted medium-dark, that works well with all brewing methods, especially espresso. As a brewed coffee the nuttiness is pronounced with a rich and creamy texture in the mouthfeel. As espresso this coffee produces ample crema and an elevated red fruit quality layered over its nutty backbone. The coffee beans in Crema Bomb are 100% 'peaberries', hand sorted by the producer, Daterra Estates in Minas Gerais Brazil to isolate their more pronounced flavors. We love this coffee for its versatility and crowd-pleasing balance.

About the producer:

Daterra Estates is among the most storied and celebrated coffee farms in Brazil, having long been looked to as a global leader in environmental stewardship, sustainability, coffee innovation, and quality. Their coffee farm is Rainforest Alliance certified including the newer climate friendly certification, and operates a 3000+ hectare preserve alongside their similarly sized farming efforts. We are proud to source a variety of their coffees throughout the year for our both our single-origin and signature coffees. 

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